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CIT 261 Mobile Application Topics List

Loops, Conditional Statements, Functions, Variables, Parameters, Arrays, Associative Arrays

Object Creation Functions, Inheritance, Properties, Methods, Instantiation

JSON Parse, Stringify

Using XMLHTTPRequest to Consume a JSON Web Service

Local Storage API, Storing and Retrieving Simple Data, Arrays, Associative Arrays, and Objects

DOM Manipulation Using createElement, appendChild, insertBefore, removeChild, etc.

Manipulating CSS Class Properties Using JavaScript

Creating CSS3 Transitions and Animations in CSS and triggering them with JavaScript

Standard JavaScript Events Including those for Mobile Devices ( Ex. onTouchBegin, onLoad, etc.) and Animation and Transition Events

HTML5 Tags - Video, Audio, and Canvas

Designing, Defining, and Triggering CSS3 Transitions, Transforms, and Animations without Custom Libraries (Thought Library)

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